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Custom Design and Compositing Services

We can offer a full range of design and compositing service for your business.

If you would like a completely custom, unique and exclusive fabric we can design with you from scratch to create the perfect fabric for your needs.

Alternatively we can take your artwork - either digitally created or provided scanned from traditional media - and turn it into a print ready artwork.

All of our custom designs are created exclusive to you and will not be resold elsewhere.

Please get in contact if you would like a no-obligation chat about your requirements.

Design services

We offer a full fabric design service and can create from scratch the perfect seamless repeating pattern, scene patterns or panel prints.

Customer Example

Shown is an example asset (digital custom drawing), the fabric design printed and a lovely product made up in the final print

Images used with kind permission of Haybabies.
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Compositing services

We can take your artwork and turn it into a seamless repeating pattern, scene or panel print - images on traditional media (such a drawings or paintings) can be cleaned up for printing, any spots & backgrounds removed, and if required combined with additional custom elements (e.g. backgrounds or other patterning).

Customer Example

Shown is source image before we processed it, a watermarked example of the final fabric pattern, and the beautiful products made up in the fabric.

Images used with kind permission of Rainbow & Raindrop Creations.
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Coordinates services

Want a unique matching coordinate design for a fabric? We can create a coordinate design for your exclusive use.

We can match exact colours against our own or your design files, and if you would like to match another fabric we can use Pantone colours for exact matching.

Customer Example

Showing the created coordinate, the coordinate next to the main fabric, and the gorgeous final product all made up.

Images used with kind permission of Sew Bluebear.
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Garment Labels

We can create and print custom created garment labels for your needs.